Wall Options
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get started?

First, call us at (513) 931-5520 to set up an appointment for a consultation. We'll come out to your location, or you can visit our studio, and based on your fabrics, paint colors, tile or carpet samples, etc., we'll suggest a finish that fits your space. Upon choosing a sample for your room, we'll provide you with an estimate for your project.

Is there a consultation fee?

No. We don't charge you anything to talk with you about your project.

Do I pay for the samples?

The first sample we custom make for you is included in the price of your job. There is a minimum $100.00 retainer fee to create the samples, which will go toward the cost of your job. Every additional sample (with the exception of minor color changes) carries a cost of $75.00. On average, we are able to meet your needs with one sample. However, it's to everyone's advantage for you to gather anything that might help us in this process (colors, carpet, fabrics, tile).

Do I need to work with a designer or decorator?

It isn't necessary that you work with a designer, though many people find it helpful. A designer is indispensable when it comes to color choices, furniture, and fabrics. If you'd like, we'd be happy to suggest the right designer for your project.

How can I get on the schedule?

To have your job scheduled, we must first receive a 50% down payment. The remainder will be due upon completion of your project.

What do I need to do in the room to prepare?

We will let you know if there is anything out of the ordinary you need to do before we arrive. If you have important breakables, such as valuable china, we encourage you to move it to another area, out of the way. Also, if there is any unusually large furniture, you may need to have it moved away from the walls. Any complicated electronic equipment or computers may need to be handled by professionals in that field. Also, some custom draperies may need to be removed and reinstalled by a drapery installer. We can handle most cases, but not all.

Does Wall Options only work on walls?

Absolutely not. We've done extensive work on ceilings, floors, furniture, and just about any other surface that can be painted. Check out our gallery to see the variety of surfaces and finishes we offer.

Will my walls look exactly like the sample?

As with any hand finished creation, you should always expect slight variations. The sample board is a representation of what you will get, and we make every effort to match it. Often times, variables such as existing wall texture or lighting can have an effect on the overall look of a project. Regardless, we always make sure you're happy with your project before we consider it finished.

Who will do the finish on my walls?

Wall Options is a company of artists and finishers, all of whom have considerable experience and talent. We do, from time to time, handpick apprentices to work on projects, and those people are always supervised by a more experienced artist. Rest assured that your project will be completed with professionalism by a team of award winning artists.

Why a painted finish as opposed to wallpaper?

Wallpaper was originally developed to mimic painted finishes. Nowadays, a quality wallpaper can cost significantly more than a painted finish. Add to that the cost and headache of eventually changing your wallpaper, and there's no comparison.

How durable will my finished walls be?

Your finished walls will be as durable as any other painted wall. In some cases, even more so. Expect the normal wear of a painted wall, especially in high traffic areas. The advantage of a decorative finish is that oftentimes the texture and appearance of the finish can "hide" nicks, fingerprints, and other imperfections. There are options to increase the durability further, and we'd be happy to discuss those options with you.